Life there’s no End in sight

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I love the water ! I truly believe that it’s one of God greatest gifts . It’s a mirror of Man kind , it can be still , it can be deep and it can lose consciousness and become uncontrollable .

I am writing my Blog to share with millions upon millions of followers that we all have a limited time on this planet and it’s our duty as well as our destiny to Dare2dream .

My goal is to as candid and as vulnerable I can be and it’s my aim to touch or inspire as many people as possible .

So Thank you in advance for helping me unlock one of my many doors .

Sincerely Yours

(D2D) 2017


Don’t Give Up !

Welcome to this weeks Edition of Dare2dream It Works !!

Our World is full of surrender at the first sign of adversity , Do not give up when the challenge meets you , Meet the challenge , Through preservation comes rewards, the rewards that make this life more enjoyable .. Capri Diem .. Seize the Day , Trust little in the future .

If you want something go after it . If you want to hate on somebody ,Look deep in your heart and know that Karma is Real !!

Thank you , Thank you for coming to visit me .,And Remember to laugh more , love more and live more !

D2D…. Dare2DreAm It Works !!!

We are still HERE !


Today’s topic : WE are Still Here

Today I’m celebrating with my 50 and over basketball team from Chicago. Our name is the chi-town Cats we are made up of basketball players that live in the Chicago land area .Every year about this time we take a trip to Clearwater Florida to play basketball in this tournament called the Masters . The Masters tournament range from 35 and over up into 75 and over . I was told that there was a guy playing at the age of 81.

This three day event starts on Friday with a meet and greet and the next day it’s on . Basketball from 9am to 5 pm , I must say that I have never seen so much ice and Ben Gay in my life . We played a total of three games and the playoffs. The championship game was on Sunday .

Basketball players came from all across the country , Atlanta , New York, Charlotte, Florida ,Indianapolis,and Mexico.

I even had the pleasure of meeting a Chicago Bulls Legend  the A train Artist Gilmore

I realize that age don’t have a number when it comes to things that you love and enjoy, so get out there and renew your passion and live your life to the fullest.

Famous Quote : I will keep playing til I suck ! Peyton Manning football Hall of Famer !!

Book of the Week : Who Moved  My Cheese ? By Spencer Johnson,, M D
Thank you ,thank you for coming to visit me , And remember to laugh more , love more and live more and Dare2Dream It Works. !!!!!

Why ask Why ?

Welcome to this weeks Edition of Dare2dream It Works …. D2D

Today’s Topic : Why ask Why ?

It’s 4:30 am and you’re sitting on the edge of your bed , trying to pour yourself into this suit for it seems like the 1000th time . You have pondered quitting many times but today you have enough nerve to actually go thru with your ready made plans . Today you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired . You get to work only to discover they threw you a birthday party and you received a raise .

Why ask Why ?!

She’s the one , the woman of your dreams,, Finally your dreams have come true . She laughs at all your jokes , she compliments you in a way that it seems you have known her all your life .Only to find out she is your cousin and your Aunt knew all along ..

Why ask Why ?!

Book of the Week: The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer 

Quote I’m pondering: it doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your hearts longing,it doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love,for your dream,for the adventure of being alive.

In Conclusion as we grow older and hopefully more wiser we should break our perspective in percentages ,we must see the world as 70% real and 15% fake and the last 15% is for shock. Every day being a new day and we all there are never two the same .i try my best to add comic relief to my mix so that I may stay sane in this crazy mix up world.

Thank you, thank you for coming to visit me ! I’m working on a major project so please stay tuned . And please remember to laugh more , love more and live more !!!!! Dare2dream.it works !!!!  D2D………   

Just one Word ..

Welcome to this weeks Edition of Dare2dream. It Works !! D2D…..

Today’s Topic : Just one Word

As we begin the new year, I got a chance to sit back and reflect on last years ups and downs and crazy turn arounds.

So I began to poll some of the most brilliant minds that I knew and I simply ask them .

If you could describe last year in one word what would it be ?

Here’s what I got !

  • Content
  • Growth
  • Gratitude
  • Plentiful
  • Better
  • Transitional
  • Stressful
  • Elevate
  • Gracious
  • Rebirth
  • Productive
  • Emotional
  • Blessing
  • Blessed
  • Life
  • Awesome
  • Wow
  • Revelational
  • Exceptional
  • Bizarre
  • Affirming

So I sat in awe of how the months was the same and the days were the same but they all had different outcomes.

Well we all know that last year is gone and we are thankful and grateful for all our outcomes whether good or not so good . Let us start this year off by Dare 2 dream It Works!!

Quote I’m pondering : Who can draw a straight line with a crooked stick ?!

Book of the Week : Five Dialogues by G.M.A. Grubs

P.S. My word for last year was Excited !

What’s Your one Word?!!!! I would be honored to know!!!

Thank you , Thank you for coming to visit me ! Remember to laugh more , love more and live more !

Look “There’s A Man” !

Welcome to this weeks Edition of Dare2dream It Works !……D2D

Today’s Topic: Look There’s A Man !

In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve and we all know the story Adam was all alone and God said ,that man should not be alone , so he made Eve but as time went by it wasn’t Adam that was by himself , it was Eve .

We all have witness it almost a million times , women in groups at the club together. Women on all girl trips on cruises . Women now a days have decide that they can fun all alone .

In this world there has to be a big disconnect , Men don’t know how to talk to women and women don’t know how to respond to men. I even read in a book that Men was from Mars and Women was from Venus . How is it in 2017 that there is a vast majority of Women still single ? I mean women with great educations and great careers, from quality backgrounds with no significant other in sight .

What happen ? Where did all the men go ?! Is this some sort of plan ? Well let me share with you what I think happened .

  1. Jobs replaced the man
  2. Independence sold companionship out
  3. Women turned to like minded people
  4. There’s still hope
  5. Pray

Quote of the week : All women become like their mother., that’s their tragedy. no man does. that’s his. By Oscar Wilde

Book of the Week :Men is from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray

Conclusion: Without a book of instructions both men and women must realize that we both are ever evolving humans and if we are to co exist we must share our like and dislikes without judgment . And like the famous song writer once said Can We all just get along !

Thank you, thank you for coming to visit me ! And remember to laugh more live more and love more ! Dare2dream It Works!! D2D.. If you have enjoyed this blog please comment or Share ……

You against You

Welcome to this Week Edition of Dare2dream It Works ….. D2D

Today’s Topic: You Against You

As you stare into the mirror of yet another day , A day that God has grace you with, you start to look back or reflect on all the days and nights that have lead you up to this moment .

Was it in grade school when you made the basketball team? Remember the odds of you making the team was like hitting the lotto .

Or was it the college entrance exam that you studied for seems like a year only to still writing after most of the test takers was already leaving ?

Was it College when you wanted so desperately to belong but you knew that you wasn’t cute enough to be a Kappa , Smart enough to be an Alpha nor mean enough to be a Q.

In all your past glories and familiar stories , You knew that you were the common denominator.

Today I will unlock your You against You Principal.

The Perfect person you was… there is no perfect person under the sun so strive for excellence and not perfection because the cost is too high and the pain is too great only to begin again where you started .

The Gift of giving …. you must give your life away if you have ever truly lived . The world can’t take from you what you have already offered

Love Yourself ….. To truly love yourself you must find some humor in yourself

Quote : The difference between a chump and a champ is U !!

Book of the Week : One plus One By John Moyes

Conclusion: Beautiful as this life is and cold as people make the world out to be , we must reach inside ourselves to find our Authentic U . Love the person in the mirror .. celebrate him or her and count your blessings and cut your loses and ease on down the road .

Thank you , Thank you for coming to visit me ! Remember to laugh more , love more and live more !! Dare2dream It Works !! (D2D)

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Taking off the Mask

Welcome to this Week Edition of Dare2dream It Works!.

Today’s topic: Taking off the mask

I never knew my best friend and I guess she never knew me either, we met on the monkey bars on the playground in grade school . She was about 5’4 from the floor could hit a baseline jump shot better than the boys in our grade. She was always first player picked to play strike out because she could hit a baseball a mile.But what I didn’t know she wore long sleeve shirts in the summer to hide the bruises on her arm from her father that had one to many at the bar that night. I didn’t know that the day we had our first and only disagreement was because she was told not to go to sleep while sitting on the couch with her little brother as her mother played cards all night.

If I had only knew, I could have said something or better yet done something. That’s what friends are for right?! But I guess at that age I probably was more scared to say something than her.

There are many ways to take off our masks however I would like to share my three ways.

  1. You have to communicate 

    2. You have to try to turn a negative situation into a positive one

     3. You have to trust the process and begin to change 

Today’s Quote: Most men live lives of quiet desperation….Henry David Thoreau

Book of the week!  The Buried Giant by Kazuo IShiguro

Conclusion: Once we take off our masks we remove layers off our lives that ultimately make us happier in which we can lead much more rewarding life.

Thank you thank you for coming to visit me!!

Remember to laugh more ,love more and live more!!